April Eighth, 1990

It's not hitting me right away, because grief and mourning hits everyone differently and I need to remember that. Just because I'm not crying on the floor hysterically on my hands and knees doesn't mean I'm not feeling the pain and suffering that comes with someone not being with you anymore. I remember when I … Continue reading April Eighth, 1990



I have never dealt with change well. I get mad at it. I get sad and all I want to do is be alone when at the same time, I want to savor every single moment that I have with the ones that are close to me. It's an unhealthy relationship that eventually passes, but … Continue reading Moments

Spring Days

The weather gets warmer. Gone are overcast afternoons. The sun suddenly decides to appear more than usual, and with burning fiery at that. Although, the winds still seem to mediate it all. When the seasons change and Spring makes its appearance, it’s not difficult to notice it. I start wearing jeans less and break out … Continue reading Spring Days